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Penangkaran Bibit Karet Tresnomaju

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Specification:Grafting rubber seedlings obtained by attaching ( eyes entres shoots from stem to stem ( rubber seedlings under ( usually it' s from the nursery seed GT1) .( farmers must know the type of plant material ( a clone and ( authenticity: entres rod sources) to obtain plant material ( quality guaranteed. ( Trunk entres may be obtained from the entres garden. Purity of clones are often problematic in terms of authenticity, therefore ( entres garden only guaranteed its purity and quality that can be used ( . (

If the processing of rubber seedlings farmers buy seed stump sleep eyes, the best is ( ( menamam all seedlings in poly-bag ( arranged in small nurseries and watered every day. ( shoot growth should be monitored to avoid ( growth of wild shoots growing from the rootstock. Rubber planting seeds can be carried out after the rubber has got 2 umbrellas with ( leaves have matured. ( If farmers want to produce their own grafting rubber seedlings, they need to from beginning to prepare ( pembibita n rootstock from seeds nursery ( GT1 who purchased or acquired their own. Gum grafting done in the dry season after ( rubber seedlings are growing well ( , ( usually at the age of 12 months seedlings.( entres logs must be obtained from reliable sources ( the garden where clones are ( guaranteed purity) . If you use several types clones ( , highly recommended to block memisahka n ( seedlings by type clones. Teak stump sleep eyes planted on poly-bag until ( leaves grow 2 umbrellas. Given that ( planting can be done in general at the beginning of the rainy season ( ie ( in October) , stumps had to be transferred to poly-bag ( in early July.

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Name:Mr. Adi Darmo Sutrisno [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:081229360505
Phone Number:081229360505
Address:Sukamaju, Dusun Sumberingin Rt03 Rw03 kec. Abungsemuli Kabupaten Lampung
lampung 34581, Lampung
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